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Nowadays people are texting more than ever. But if you're a business with a landline, or a homeowner who doesn't use a cell phone to text, then you're unfortunately being left out of the conversation. Not anymore. With Frontier Texting you can now text using your existing landline phone number.

For most people, texting is the go-to method of communication. From basic, everyday conversations to critical or time-sensitive information, people primarily send text messages to communicate. But without the ability to text, that leaves you left out.

Whether it's business or personal, these conversations shouldn't be happening without you. With Frontier Texting now you can start, take part in, and stay up-to-date on these important conversations using only your landline phone number.

Don't miss out on another conversation.

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With a texting plan from Frontier, you can:

  • Communicate with customers or friends and family the way they want - via text.
  • Send and receive texts directly from your computer. No additional equipment necessary.
  • Choose a plan that works with your budget.

Select an option below to learn more about plan features, rates and more.

Texting for Business

Use your business phone number to text and stay in touch with customers. For a low monthly price you can schedule appointments, confirm meetings, take or place orders, and more, all via text message.

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Texting for Residential

Those you love are texting, and you should be too. Keep in touch by sending and receiving text messages through your home phone number. No cell phone plan required. Available for a low monthly price.

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